since 1911

Italian Gelato in the World.


In this case Mammamia has a wide range of innovative and classic tastes, but unique in taste and characterized by craftsmanship. In the vast offer we distinguish four tastes awarded internationally with the Taste Award: Variegated Amarena (3 stars, Crystal Taste Award), variegated apricot of Vesuvius, Variegated Pistachio Crunch, Hazelnut


Mammamia Gelato Italiano semifreddos are various in shape, colored and handmade: cakes, single portions, mini glasses, stick, boccaccio, taco, bacetti love cones; to be enjoyed comfortably by us or by walking. Order your birthday cake at the store closest to your home.


The range of products that can be combined with Mammamia ice-cream is rich in delicacies prepared for the customer, quick to produce, served hot: cone waffle, cocoa cone pod, black & white cone waffle, cone granules, crepes, pan cake, waffle, tulip waffle, tulip-shaped waffle (also miniature version), caprese cake … and other delicacies: banana split in waffle, brioches, milk shakes, cream of grandfather, granita.


For coffee lovers, Mammamia Gelato Italiano offers not only the classic espresso, but a variety, from coffee to hazelnut, chocolate, white chocolate, to caramel; frothed coffee, milk and coffee.

The real Italian gelato in the world.

Mammamia Italian Gelato offers a wide range of products, created using the best raw materials processed in our factories ensuring the quality of the whole chain